Knee Pain — Healing for Health and Happiness, Capitol Pain

Knee pain is one of the most common types of pain that people complain about. Symptoms could range from swelling and redness to being completely incapable of straightening your leg. Knees are an important part of the body to maintain health is because they’re so tied into your mobility and quality of life.

What’s causing the pain?

Injury is one of the most obvious causes of knee pain. Also, there are so many kinds of arthritis, a lot of which can affect the knee. If that’s not your issue, it could be patellofemoral pain syndrome. Otherwise, the problem could be dislocation or even something that’s the result of another part of your body.

How to prevent it

Staying at a healthy weight is one way to avoid knee pain. Another method is to stay active, while not pushing yourself too much. Exercising regularly helps with your whole health, but going too far won’t be good in the long run. Also, stretching helps maintain flexibility, as tight muscles increase the risk of injury.

Fixing the pain

Whatever your problem, Capitol Pain has a solution to help you feel better. NSAIDs can help with minor pain. Another option available is physical therapy. We also provide spinal injections as an option.

However, you don’t need to stress out about figuring out what will work best for your unique situation. Our physicians focus on both the physical and mental parts of patients’ health. We strive to be accessible, accommodating, and put your needs first. Contact us at (512) 467-PAIN or see our website to find out more.