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Why Does My Shoulder Hurt? How to Relieve the Pain?

If you’ve been wondering ‘why does my shoulder hurt?’ you’re not alone. In modern times, shoulder pain is a frequent complaint. One of the issues with this type of pain is that it might not just come the shoulders. It could be radiating from the neck or back. Whether it comes from poor posture, an exercise injury or repetitive movement, shoulder pain is irritating.

What’s happening?

If you’re experiencing pain in your shoulder and your range of motion is getting smaller, the answer could be Adhesive Capsulitis. This condition is also known as “frozen shoulder,” and it often results from medical conditions like strokes. Another common cause of shoulder pain is damage to the rotator cuff. This is group of muscles and tendons, and there are several possible issues that could be affecting it. Impingement is one possibility. This is when a fluid-filled sac called the bursa is inflamed.

Another potential answer could be a rotator cuff tear. Unfortunately, this is more serious and may mean you’ll need surgery. Calcific tendinitis is yet another cause of pain. That’s when calcium deposits form in your tendons. Osteoarthritis is a common issue. If this is what you’re experiencing, that means the joint in your shoulder is irritated. To answer the age old of question “Why does my shoulder hurt?” here are a few other conditions that may be affecting you. 

How to feel better

Rest should be your first manner of pain relief. However, life gets busy and sometimes that isn’t possible. Stretches are an easy and free way to attempt to relieve pain. Another accessible option is to ice your injury. If none of these options enough relief, you can try taking over the counter anti-inflammatory medication. 

If your pain still persists, Capitol Pain is a great source of empathetic physicians who prioritize your health and happiness. With years of experience and a background in specializing in patients’ care, our physicians’ goal is to carefully assess your condition to provide a unique solution. From steroids to other medications, injections to physical therapy, our medical providers can work with you to help you live life to the fullest.